Poets of the Decade

We are excited to honor the following ten poets, who have amassed the most total award “points” in the IBPC competitions over the last decade. Points were determined by adding 12 points for each winner, 9 points for each 2nd place, 8 points for each 3rd place, and 6 points for each HM, or Special Mention. The grand total for each poet is the sum of all the monthly competitions, plus the poem of the year and the poem of the decade competitions.

1. Laurie Byro (224 points)
2. Laurel K. Dodge (116)
3. Sarah J. Sloat (112)
4. Jim Zola (109)
5. Bernard Henrie (99)
6. Brenda Levy Tate (97)
7. Catherine Rogers (86)
8. Christopher T. George (80)
9. Jude Goodwin (75)
10. TE Ballard (73)

The following is a list of all the individual poems for each poet in the list. Congratulations to these top ten, as well as all the other poets who have participated in the competition over the years.

Laurie Byro

Laurel K. Dodge

Sarah J. Sloat

Jim Zola

Bernard Henrie

Brenda Levy Tate

Catherine Rogers

  • 2nd Place for Poets.org, September 2005; then HM for 2005-06 Poem of the Year: Crone
  • 3rd Place for Poets.org, November 2005: Before the Storm
  • 2nd Place for Poets.org, March 2006; then 1st Place in 2005-06 Poem of the Year: Over Talmadge Bridge
  • 1st Place for Poets.org, August 2006; then 1st Place for 2006-07 Poem of the Year, then Special Mention for Poem of the Decade: Dirt
  • HM for Poets.org, June 2008: Spirit Catcher
  • HM for Poets.org, October 2008: Talk Like a Pirate Day

Christopher T. George

Jude Goodwin

  • 3rd Place for South Carolina Writer’s Workshop, May 2005: Remission
  • 3rd Place for South Carolina Writer’s Workshop, July 2005: Murderers
  • 1st Place for South Carolina Writer’s Workshop, September 2005: The Chewer
  • HM for South Carolina Writer’s Workshop, April 2006: At the Art Gallery, A Woman
  • 3rd Place for The Writers Block, February 2007: The crying girl
  • 1st Place for The Waters Poetry Workshop, January 2010; then 2nd Place for 2009-10 Poem of the Year: Eureka Springs
  • 1st Place for The Waters Poetry Workshop, February 2010: What

TE Ballard

Top Ten Poetry Boards of the Decade

  • October 2021 Winners

    • First Place (Tie)

      Anna and the Scourge
      by RC James

      First Place (Tie)

      Mother Banana
      by Christina Vanthul

      Second Place

      by Jim Doss
      Wild Poetry Forum

  • September 2021 Winners

    • First Place

      The Miller’s Tale – retold by Dr Seuss
      by Paul A. Freeman
      The Write Idea

      Second Place

      The Dark Land
      by Midnight Moon
      Wild Poetry Forum

      Third Place

      The Oilliphéist Story
      by Peter Halpin
      Wild Poetry Forum