World Affairs

by Kenny A. Chaffin
Wild Poetry Forum
Third Place (tie), November 2019
Judged by Laurie Byro

When I heard my sister
had collaborated with the Chinese
I called Donald
he’d know what to do

But his tongue was gone
his twitter fingers removed
by the Saudis
MBS not responsible

Another reprehensible interrogation
gone wrong but cheered
by Putin whose secrets
will remain sealed

like terracotta warriors
in a mausoleum of despair
my sister’s tears streaming
down Chairman Kim’s cheeks

I am certain that some will not find this poem funny nor deserving an award, and yet "World Affairs" cracks me up. Who can resist the final images, and I say "bravo" for a poet taking a risk. Didn't Williams say we can't always get the news through poetry?  I think the last strophe with those terracotta warriors and the image of tears, earns a tie for 3rd place.  --Laurie Byro