Jaycee Beach

by Millard R. Howington
SC Writers Workshop
Honorable Mention, May 2007
Judged by Bryan Appleyard

If I didn’t jog north to the Dania
Beach pier then I’d thread the sand
dunes south to Jaycee Beach. The
dune grass whipped at my legs as
I pushed myself in sprints through
the loose sand, then a veer over to
the wetter stuff near the gentle surf
and those clouds rising up like mighty
white towers guarding the ocean, and
tinged pink for the sunrise. I went
for the coffee from an ancient canteen
truck parked there under the swaying
palms, and the lovely blonde lady
who leaned well over to serve.

A moment captured with something of the insouciance of Frank O'Hara. --Bryan Appleyard