Deborah Bogen

Judged: Jan-Mar 2013
Aug-Sep 2007

Deborah Bogen

Deborah Bogen’s latest book, Let Me Open You a Swan, won the Antivenom Prize from Elixir Press. Recent poems are available at Superstition Review online and even newer poems are forthcoming at Valparaiso Review and in Sentence.

  • August 2020 Winners

    • First Place (tie)

      Sixth Street Psychic Walk-ins Welcome
      by Mike LaForge
      The Waters

      First Place (tie)

      Houses Houses Houses
      by Mary MacGowan
      The Waters

      Second Place (tie)

      by Doug Pugh
      The Write Idea

      Second Place (tie)

      Who knew you would become a comet
      by Bob Bradshaw
      The Writer's Block

  • July 2020 Winners

    • First Place

      An Octopus’s Garden in the Time of Social Distancing
      by Laurie Byro

      Second Place

      by Andrew Dufresne
      Wild Poetry Forum

      Third Place

      Beethoven Unhappy
      by Bob Bradshaw
      The Writer's Block