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Winning Poems for April 2009
Judge Duncan Mercredi

First Place
Czamy Polewka (Black Soup)
by Emily Brink
The Writers Block

I especially love the imagery in this piece. My mind attempts to picture the visage of this man but his face keeps changing and I am unable to capture his true face. The memory of the mother also plays into this piece and I am left wondering just what is the author really cooking. Reads beautifully but also leaves one with a sense of danger but not really comprehending what that sense of doom is and I suspect there is more to this piece. --Duncan Mercredi

Second Place
The Day the Caterpillars Came
by Steve Meador
FreeWrights Peer Review

Why? I'm not entirely sure. I suppose it's the rhythm of the poem. It sings, it lifts, it reaches down and tugs at your soul. The beauty of a place undisturbed for centuries and to suddenly see it's passed ripped out by the roots that leaves one to wonder why "the sky is falling" --Duncan Mercredi

Third Place
A Rush of Clouds
by Laurel K. Dodge
The Writers Block

I'm not sure why I chose this piece, but it touched me. It left me with wanting to know more. What is the story between these (star-crossed lovers, perhaps) individuals that one would want the other to experience the windfall of bruised fruit? So many questions and the piece leaves one's imaginations to seek the truth between the lines. One question, was the dog jealous? --Duncan Mercredi

Honorable Mention
After AIDS
by Shawn Nacona Stroud
Desert Moon Review

Honorable Mention
Baseball Season
by Andrew Dufresne
Wild Poetry

Honorable Mention
Red Romance Dancing
by Allen Fogel
SplashHall Poetry

Winning Poems

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